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Monday, November 25, 2013

masterclass in vaginal surgery

Ik heb genoten van jouw workshop, alles was perfect : de ontvangst, het theoretisch gedeelte, de catering, het hotel cosy en comfortabel,  het diner, de organisatie in het operatiekwartier, de gemoedelijke sfeer, het contact met de andere deelnemers en last but not least jouw manier om de prolapsproblematiek te benaderen en de uitvoering ervan.  Ik ben wild enthousiast, zo wil ik het ook doen, of ik er ooit in slaag weet ik niet maar ik wil het proberen…..

I enjoyed your workshop- everything was perfect: the reception, the theoretical part, the catering, the hotel was cozy and comfortable, the dinner, the organization in the theatre, the relaxed admosphere, the contact with other colleques and las but not least the in which you approach prolapse and the way in which your surgical correction thereof is being done. I am wild enthousiastic- I want to operate also like that: if I will succeed will only be seen in the future.
C Beghin Gent Belgium

Thank you for taking the time out from your busy schedule for us and to show me (and share) your passion about regenerative tissue surgery principles as applied to pelvic floor reconstruction for the various defects. For some time now I have been questioning the 'conventional or traditional' incl. use of mesh surgeries for prolapse and considering (looking) for a viable alternative(s). Spending time next to you and watching the surgeries you have performed had shown me those 'missing' gaps in the alternative surgical techniques that I envisaged but was not sure of.

Dr Honest   Birmingham UK

This Master Class is about Regenerative Vaginal surgery: This is an alternative to conventional colphorrhaphies and Mesh kit surgery. It is bringing together the identification of the underlying pathology, the correction thereof and the utilization of regenerative native tissue protection techniques: the basic principles of tissue enginering and manipulation of wound healing is followed to enable the native tissue of the damaged vaginal wall to regenerate back to normal morphology and function. A full day of roundtable discussions and video directed theoretical presentations, is followed by live hands-on participation in theatre.
The next meeting is scheduled for7th and 8th May 2015.


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