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Tuesday, August 15, 2006

The Flagpole concept

In putting my thoughts on repairing the prolapsed vagina and also taking into account the pros and cons of available options ( VPVR, VPVR with biomesh augmentation and VPVR with synthetic mesh augmentation) into perspective the concept of the flagpole came to mind.
This came from Richard Reid where he wants the support system of the vaginal top to be as solid as possible ( the flagpole), but the supports needed for the anterior wall as mobile as possible ( the flag).
This whole concept bring a combination of treatment options for the vaginal prolapse into being: the solid support of the vaginal top can be provided by the synthetic meshes ( post prolift fits nicely into this) and the mobility of the anterior wall can be gaurantied by the use of a biomesh augmentation ( SurgiSIS or SymphaSIS fits the label).

The slideshow will fill in the detailes:

For best viewing: click on bottom righthand side on Slideshare and then again in the new window on the bottom righthand side on full

This concept are currently tested in Ziekenhuis Zeeuws Vlaanderen, Terneuzen, The Netherlands.

Any comments or thoughts are welcome.