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Monday, January 22, 2007

Clinical teaching session at ZiekenHuis DeHonte Zeeuws Vlaanderen The Netherlands

Adress: Wielingenlaan 2 - 4535PA TERNEUZEN - Netherlands - +31 115 688000

ZorgSaam Hospital, with 421 beds, reunions all common disciplines under one roof and collaborates very closely together with other specialized units within the country as well as with the neighbouring Belgium.

Ziekenhuis Zeeuws Vlaanderen has developed into a vibrant Vaginal Reconstructive surgical training centre where an international panel of visiting pelvic surgeons are at times permitted to demonstrate operative techniques. This program has grown into a valuable Regional Training Centre, where delegates can gain practical experience in an ongoing fashion the new ‘defect-specific’ methods of prolapse repair.

Dr. Nieuwoudt welcomes you for an interesting teaching day in his theatre. The theatre session is done on a 6 weekly basis and consist of a full day in theatre. The orevious afternoon a seminar will be held where different aspects of the surgery is highlighted with the assistance of DVD's.
Please note that, in order to assist Dr. Nieuwoudt a Hepatitis Vacination as well as an MRSA Swap Test not older then 10 days is mandatory.

The course is accredited for 12 CME points by the Dutch Society of Obstets and Gyneacology (NVOG).

• 4 Participants can assist per day.
• Please plan your travel arrangements so that you can present yourself at the hospital at 7:30 am. The Seminar starts at 13:00 on the previous day, if you want to attend that too.
dates for 2009 are:
22,23 January
5,6 March
16,17 April (fully booked)
28,29 May
9,10 July
3,4 September.
In case you need assistance in doing your travel arrangements please contact your local COOK representative.


• By plane:
Best is to fly into Brussels International or Charleroi or Antwerp. From there you can take a train or a rental car. Distance to Terneuzen is approx 100 km(Brussel) or 58km (Antwerp)
Please note that if you come from Manchester or London (City) it is possible to fly to Antwerpen, with resultant less traveling time:
• By car: Upon arrival in Terneuzen please follow the signs leading to Ziekenhuis De Honte.
• By rail: Take the train to Gent Sint Pieters , and then continue with a taxi (ca. 40 min)
• Trains with direction to Gent are leaving every hour from international airport on the platform on level -1. Costs approx 20 €. From Charleroi you go to Brussels’ midi train station by bus and then to Gent Sint Pieters station.
• Arrival by Eurostar: You arrive at Brussels’ Midi (South,or Zuid) station. Take a national train to Gent Sint Pieters station: there is two trains that go, one is a Intercity (IC) that take about 27 minutes, the other is the milkrun, that take longer! Remember that your Eurostar ticket is good for travelling to any station in Belgium also!

Golden Tulip Hotel L’Escaut
Room rate € 130,00
Adresse: Scheldekade 65
4531 Terneuzen/NL
+31 115 694855

About Terneuzen

Terneuzen, a community in the south west of the Netherlands with approx 55.000 inhabitants owns the 3rd biggest harbour within the country and is the biggest community within the state of Zeeland. The 43km long Zeecanal Gent-Terneuzen connects the city with Gent in Belgium. Terneuzen prides itself for being the birthplace of the flying dutchman.

Welcome to Terneuzen and have an enriching training.

All funds derived from the workshops in Terneuzen is directed into the Hospital administration and used solely for the purpose of advancement of the service provided by the Pelvicfloor service at Ziekenhuis Zeeuws Vlaanderen